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Designed to deliver the lifelike feel of a real penis, dildo vibrators are often detailed with veins, a glans and balls. Whichever you prefer, you’re guaranteed realistic sex stimulation but with the added bonus of extra vibration.

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Dive Into The World Of Realistic Dildos

What is a Realistic Vibrating Dildo?

A realistic vibrating dildo is a vibrator that’s shaped like a real-life penis. A realistic vibrator will often have a bulbous tip and shaft, which can either be smooth or covered in sensation-increasing faux veins. A realistic vibrating dildo is designed to deliver the feel of a real penis and is often detailed with veins, glans, and balls. If you're torn between the lifelike stimulation of a realistic dildo and the tingly sensations of a vibrator, a realistic vibrating dildo is for you.

The Best Realistic Vibrator For You

If you want something ultra lifelike, the best realistic vibrating dildo for you is one with a flesh-tone finish. But for something less realistic, there’s plenty of colorful options, too.
For those who want to go hands-free, a suction cup realistic dildo vibrator allows you to mount your toy on a flat surface and control the rhythm with your hips and butt.
If you want to build the sensations slowly, most realistic vibrators have a twisting base that lets you slowly turn up the vibrations climatically.
For those who like double the stimulation, we also have realistic vibrating dildos for double penetration and tingly clit stimulation, too.

Life Like Dildos for Every Preference

Our wide selection of life-like dildos features vibrating dildos, strap on dildos, squirters, suction cup base dildos and more. Whether you're in the market for an extra-lengthy soft dildo or a big realistic dildo version with added girth, we have the perfect realistic dildo to fulfill all of your fantasies. If your go-to sex toy is a realistic penis, DearRabbits has exactly what you need. If you're ready to take playtime to the next level, a silicone dildo is a great way to do it. Whether you're dabbling in personal play or anal play, you've got the perfect dildo to satisfy your needs. A soft silicone penis can be a great addition to enhance your pleasure. Have a question about our selection of realistic dildos and sex toys? Reach out today. Whatever your pleasure, we have you covered.

Try Out A Realistic Dildo For That Incredibly Authentic Feel

With a variety of different sex toys, there are endless options to choose from, including anal beads or a vibrating dildo. Whether you're looking to spice up sex with your partner or just want some lifelike solo action, our realistic dildos for sale are designed for that fantastic real skin-like stimulation. Built with veined shaft edges and crafted to resemble a real penis, our ultra realistic dildo collection features products in a variety of styles and flesh tones. Looking for a curved dildo with realistic veins? Find it here. Want to try a suction cup dildo but want the realistic feel? No problem at all. At DearRabbits, we love our fun, outside-the-box dildos - don't get us wrong. But sometimes, there's nothing better than a realistic dildo to get you going. Each soft realistic dildo for sale has an ultra-lifelike appearance and realistic details that could fool even the sharpest of senses. Just like a real penis, some of our silicone penis products even come with squeezable realistic balls for an added level of realism.