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Whether you’re looking for a huge, large or big dildo, they are ideal if you need those extra few inches in length or a touch of extra girth to feel truly fulfilled. we carry the best selection of huge dildos.

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Dive Into The World Of Huge Dildos

What is a Big Dildo?

For some of us, ‘the bigger the better’ logic really does apply, and we seek a deep and filling sensation to really get us off. That’s where the Lovehoney big dildo collection comes in. All classified as huge, big, giant and large dildos are either a few inches longer than the average size - with our range including 10-inch, 12-inch, and some reaching a lengthy 14 inches - or are wider, which is often called a thick or girthy dildo.

Within the range, we also offer huge dildos that vibrate, inflate and ripple, as well as double-ended dildos, fisting dildos, thick dildos, big suction cup dildos, and large metal dildos. We don’t want to get too big headed, but we’re confident that you’ll love our larger-than-life assortment of giant dildos.

Find the Best Large Dildo for You

If you’re new to big dildos, they can appear intimidating, but finding the right one can result in a pleasurable experience like no other. Our big selection covers all wants and desires to help you find the best thick, extra long and girthy dildos for you.

Best Huge Dildos for Women

For a large sex toy that is pleasurable for people with vulvas, we recommend one of our 13-inch dildos, such as the "A74 Barbarian Super Big Ultra Realistic Suction Cup Dildo with Balls 13 Inch" Suction Cup Dildo. This dildo features protruding veins for a real feel and a suction cup that’s perfect for solo sessions or two-way fun.

How to choose Big Dildos?

There are many things you should think about before settling for a dildo like the capability to fit into a harness, vibrating feature, texture, color, material, shape and size. Out of these, the size of the dildo is the most important characteristic to consider. If the dildo is too small, it won’t hit the right spots; if it is too large, you might never use it again. Therefore, you must always have an estimated measurement that suits your preferences.

The materials out of which the dildos are made up of plays the second most important characteristic to consider. On a regular basis, dildos are made up of four types of raw materials – glass or acrylic, soft skin, silicone, and elastomer or jelly. Each of these materials come with their own sets of pros and cons, so it is important that you make a list to avoid confusing yourself. For example, while jelly dildos are cheaper than others, they are more difficult to clean and maintain. Similarly, silicone dildos can be cleaned without any problem, but are on the expensive side.