Why do women's orgasms always come later...

Why do women's orgasms always come later...

In some sex movies, the male and female protagonists always reach fast orgasm together. Even sometimes women reach orgasm early and soundly.

But we find that in real life it is often the man who arrives first, while the woman's orgasm either comes later or not.

Why is this? Is there a way to make men and women reach orgasm at the same time?


Why is it always faster for men and slower for women?

Reason 1 Men and women's body reaction speed is different

Male sexual response characteristics: a flirtation on fire, ejaculation that orgasm, single, sage long time. In general, the male sexual process is linear forward, can not go backwards; like a one-way train, to the station to get off; want to "again" can only wait for the departments rested, from the starting point to start again.

Combining case studies and research, we found that male erection may only take a moment; it only takes 3 minutes to reach orgasm.

Female sexual response characteristics: cumulative pattern of pleasure (sensation comes slowly), multiple orgasms, short (or no) withdrawal period.

Women's sexual response can be considered a gift from the Creator and is so blessed. Because their process is circular, the freedom is very high. If you play well, you will be happy, but if you don't play well, you may lose your pleasure.


Female sexual arousal takes at least 6 minutes, while most women reach orgasm in 15-30 minutes.


Reason 2 Men and women do not have a good relationship

The relationship is not harmonious, in life men treat sex as a task, hastily done and offline. Or men are weak and women are strong, men are more inferior in bed, psychological reasons can lead to men too fast.


Orgasm out of sync, how to fix it?

 1) Let her get into the state first

Extend the time of preheating, that is, foreplay time; let the woman enter the state earlier, it can eliminate the ten minutes difference in the middle. The so-called foreplay, the need for caressing and kissing, so that women get more stimulation; in the warm-up process can not be too rigid, to be flexible and not limited to a certain place.

Here it is recommended that gay men learn about the "clitoral orgasm".


If the warm-up does not eliminate the time difference between male and female orgasms, there is another way: use a variety of sex toys, such as life like dildo, eggs, blindfolds and so on. You can watch her play, help her play, play together; in this way, women can react in advance.


3) Fake orgasm 

Here also mention a "bad idea": fake orgasm.

Occasionally pretend, but also can make men and women at the same time to reach the orgasm of one of the effective methods.

Men are too fast, women can do, can only pretend that they also arrived. Not to hurt the man's dignity, but also to promote the feelings of the couple. Inside the man: simultaneous orgasm, no shame in me, I'm awesome!

The complacency of the people outside the play and the gloom of the people inside the play is a cruel contrast. In the aftermath you sleep soundly, your woman does no more than two things.

 Ordinary women: obviously have a husband, but the body can not get love, lonely and lonely inside, the more emotions accumulate, and one day to break the way the feelings explode.

Aware woman: take out a realistic dildo or use hands to really satisfy self to reach orgasm.


4) Male training

In fact, most men's "fast" is unconsciously practiced in the process of masturbation. The male sexual response process is actually a conditioned reflex, and the conditioned reflex can be changed through acquired training. Some men have to exercise their right hand every day, using high strength and high frequency, the purpose is to pursue faster launch; so slowly, the time is getting shorter and shorter.

This is because in the long-term pursuit of "fast-food orgasm", the nerve center is trained to be more sensitive, some small sexual stimulation will produce sexual excitement, while the ejaculation threshold is greatly reduced, the formation of a rapid ejaculation of the conditioned reflex.

Secondly, the difference between the hand and the real person is really big (I believe most men know it well). The real person feels more exciting, and men can easily face an embarrassing situation, just intimate contact, they can not control.

Since "fast" is trained, "long" can be recovered through training; this time, buy a better cup is very necessary.

For single men, the Realistic Butts & Vaginas is safer and better experience; for men with partners, the Realistic Butts & Vaginas can effectively exercise their brains on the ability to tolerate sexual stimulation and establish a longer conditioned reflex.

In this way, the male time becomes longer, you can wait for the girl together to complete the sexual harmony ~

Finally, I hope you can accept the fact that

Erotic movies do not come from life and are often the product of idealization.

The common orgasm thing is inherently unattainable, men have to be a little more patient.

We can all enjoy the pleasure in the process, which is the most important ~


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