The girl who buys sex toys at one o'clock in the early morning

The girl who buys sex toys at one o'clock in the early morning

Nights are sexy, and a woman calms down and takes care of her truest sexual needs, usually in the dead of night. That's how I understand it. But I found that a lot of people understood it differently from me. Often their first thought is that this girl is so miserable that no one can satisfy her sexual needs. I have no intention of scolding anyone, and I'm even more lazy to expose someone, but it's quite interesting to think about it. Many people like to sympathize with those girls who are living well, just because the living conditions of these girls are beyond their knowledge.

A girl who buys a sex dildo to please her in the early morning at least shows that she is free, and freedom is definitely the most precious wealth in life.

I have seen too many married girls who can only endure loneliness in the middle of the night silently, and the teammate who feels that he is flying high and that he can satisfy all the women in the world is sleeping soundly beside him. She didn't dare to buy a lifelike dildo for fear of hurting a man's self-esteem, which was indeed the case.

Even if I don't have sex with my wife once a month, I firmly believe that my wife should understand and even feel satisfied, instead of "humiliating" myself by buying a huge dildo. Many men are so ordinary yet so confident.

When we are not married, we always fantasize that there is a man who can satisfy all our emotional, physical and even wealth needs. After we get married, we realize that we still have to rely on ourselves.

You said I was good on myself, but he had to cry and shout: No, no, you have to rely on me, but as soon as you leaned over, you felt lonely.

If your husband is a puddle of mud, you have to roll in the mud and pretend to be cool. You can't find a way to live a refreshing and comfortable life, or you will be disrespectful to him. How can there be such a reason in the world?

It's a pity that many of those who laugh at others for buying sex toys at 1 a.m. have such an imagination.

But the real situation is like this. The girl can buy sex toy dildos late at night. First, she proves that she is free in her behavior.

At the same time, her mind is free. Regardless of the shadow self-pity, do not cry secretly, do not think that someone to rely on is happiness.

Humans do need to rely on something, but it doesn't have to be a relationship, let alone a person. The value of the commercial society is that it provides everyone with fair support. As long as you work hard and make money, if you lose a tree, you may get a forest.

To tell the truth without fear of being beaten, it is naive and fantasy to think that one person satisfies all of himself, or that he can satisfy all of another person.

Human desires are multi-faceted and three-dimensional.

A car cannot satisfy all the driving pleasures of a man, and a piece of clothing cannot satisfy all the beauty-loving pleasures of a woman. Girls who buy realistic dildos are not necessarily lonelier than those who don't. They are just able to face their desires truthfully and bravely and get them when they want. Is it wrong? No. What's more, the process of bringing it is low cost and harmless to people.
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