The benefits of glass masturbators and how to clean them

The benefits of glass masturbators and how to clean them

So you're interested in glass sex toys, but you're not sure if they're right for you. Don't worry! You'll be excited about adding glass to your nightstand when you learn all the benefits of a glass dildo.

Let's start with the obvious: Glass dildos look super cool. They can be transparent, colored, or dichroic, creating a rainbow effect. Glass sex toys can also contain flowers or colored drops suspended in the glass. some even glow in the dark

But glass is a great material, and for so many reasons! Its hardness means it can create intense sensations! Its hardness means it creates intense sensations! While you may not feel every bump and bump on other dildos, on a glass dildo you will. That's fine if you need a lot of pressure to stimulate the G-spot, and of course a lot of glass dildos are curved for exactly that purpose. Due to the lack of strength, you may want to stick with a glass dildo that is a little smaller than your soft bodied dildo.

When it comes to shape, glass is the perfect double-ended dildo, letting you choose which side to use. It's almost like two toys in one! In fact, some whips have glass dildo handles, so you can experience two very different sensations while using them!

If you love the temperature game, you'll love glass too. Placing your toy in a bowl or in cold or warm water will change the temperature of the dildo and thus change how you feel when you play with it. To be on the safe side, never freeze or boil toys, because you don't want to harm one of the most sensitive places on your body -- or inside you.

Glass does present some other safety concerns. First, it's less likely to break during use, but it could if dropped in a sink or on the floor. The thin neck near the handle or base is often the weak point. Many toys have soft storage bags to protect glass toys when not in use.

Of course, glass is very smooth, especially when you add lube. You may want to use less lube than usual, or look for glass sex toys with handles or rings to make them easier to hold. Likewise, if you plan to have anal sex with a glass dildo or toy, it needs a flared base to keep it from getting stuck.

However, glass is a good material choice because it's non-porous, which means it doesn't harbor bacteria like some materials do. It's also easier to clean with regular soap and water. And you can sanitize it by boiling or bleach, so you know it's clean!
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