Should couples use sex toys or not?

Should couples use sex toys or not?

Recently, rabbits watched a Japanese romance movie "bouquet of love", many couples are "laughing into the theater, crying out of the theater".

Why? Because the film reveals too many gender issues. For example, the rabbit was impressed by this paragraph: the male lead actor and female lead actor have been together for three years.

The main man and woman have been together for three years, life has long faded away the passion, the female lead is at a loss. When having dinner with a female friend, the friend suggested to the heroine: "If you don't put in some effort, it's hard to enhance the interest, right?"

The heroine asked in return, "What kind of work?" The friend suggested blandly, "Like a sexy toy or something."

The heroine lost: But we have not had sex for three months, what is the use of toys?

So today, the rabbit would like to talk to you about this issue: the

Should couples use adult toys or not?

A sex professor said: human sex and love is not vulgar character and behavior, not a trivial matter, is sublime and important.

The first of many human needs is sex and love. 

What happens in a woman's body when there is no sexual pleasure for a long time?

Physically: sexual tension is not released and genital congestion does not subside in time. It may become the cause of some diseases.

Emotionally: endocrine disorders, become agitated and irritable, affect work efficiency; become dissatisfied with partner, sensitive and fragile emotion, and partner easily lead to quarrel, and eventually lead to relationship breakdown.

In this case, women can consider trying erotic toys.

At first, many people will feel embarrassed, in fact, there is no need ~ this is to meet the physiological needs and life experience of normal consumer goods, and also has multiple effects: not only can self-pleasure, but also promote the relationship between husband and wife.

The times are progressing, people's sexuality is also being optimized, in recent years, the market for women's products "explosive consumption"; this also means that more and more women are beginning to face their desires, the right to sexual pleasure in their own hands ~

So originally in the sex life can get pleasure couples, still need sex toys?

The answer is: still need, and it is recommended that men take the initiative to send girls erotic toys.

A man who buys male products may be for his own dignity and pleasure; but a man who is willing to take the trouble to buy female sex toys for his girlfriend/wife is definitely one in a hundred good boyfriends/husbands.

Why do you say so? As I said before, men and women in a sexual life in the sexual response time as well as the cycle is different: men like fast plug fast light bulb, the feeling comes quickly, to pleasure is relatively easy. And women? It is not too much to say that it needs to be "slow cooked"; women come more slowly, more, and many women can arrive several times at the end of a time.

Then in the preparation time, you can take out a Real Feel Dildo to do some foreplay, try to let her in the "appetizer" on the eat to enjoy. In the process of the play, you can also use sex dildo as an aid to deepen the feeling of pleasure; not only the girl alone in the enjoyment, men are also enjoying, right?

Special attention should be paid to the fact that just because a woman reaches orgasm during the main act does not mean it can end, her sexual response continues!

Although men have entered the fading and cooling off period, but if men finish and go, it is the same as throwing the car at the exit of the highway to get off ...... this time, small toys is the gospel of gay men ah.

The icing on the cake, why not do it?

The better physical experience is also a more harmonious relationship between the sexes.

As for "how to think about the other half playing with small toys" ......

What do you think? Of course, it is glad to accept and then play happily together.

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