Relationships are better when you don't run away from sex toys

Relationships are better when you don't run away from sex toys

I have been using sex toys myself for more than ten years.

In these ten years, I have also had a variety of different small problems, but I have successfully overcome: and summed up the corresponding better way, to be able to enjoy the pleasure of sex toys at ease.

In fact, many times, it is not that we need to avoid erotic products, but we choose the wrong way to try sex toys, the wrong way, you need to correct over. Open your mind, change your thinking, accept the intervention of the "third party", you will find a completely different world, a world of beauty because of the orgasm.

Change the right way of thinking to interact with realistic dildos, treat it as a shadow of your lover, to develop and improve your overall sexual literacy. This includes knowledge of sex, awakening body sensations, finding out what orgasm feels like, understanding the whole body and mind of sex, and rebuilding a pure view of sex...etc.

Just like you need to have countless rehearsal exercises before you can participate in any competition. Don't we need to practice this kind of dedication for sex?

With love to the sex toys, filled with love of the dream to fill the sky of the world of sex toys, you will find it is not a cold sex toys.

Love, like a shadow, at this moment your surroundings have been filled with his love without words. Why not try to self-exploit it?

In this world, there are more men than women who love "sex". Let's not just be women who sacrifice for love, like sacrificial lambs at the altar, but let the light of true love for sex shine from our eyes. This is the best gift for your lover, so that he can sing, and let you release your true self.

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