Lubricants that are easily overlooked during pleasure

Lubricants that are easily overlooked during pleasure

  1. Avoid injury and bleeding.

Insufficient lubrication and forced movement can easily lead to vaginal redness, lining breakage, infection and inflammation; the boy's penis is also likely to be injured.

  1. Reduce the chances of condom condom breakage.

Rubbing in a dry situation may lead to condom rupture; using lubricant will solve this problem. 

  1. Enhance the pleasure of sex.

Some surveys have shown that when using lubricant during sex, women have a better experience (easier to orgasm); also, men last longer.

 Q: Can saliva, essential oils and lotion be used as lubricant? A: No! In fact, 99% of saliva is water, applied to the private parts will evaporate with the skin moisture, more likely to cause dryness ~ essential oils and lotions, not to mention the chemicals in them may harm the private parts:.

How to choose the right lubricant for you?

Water-based: able to be absorbed by the skin, easy to clean without residue, but also the most cost-effective and common lubricant on the market.

The disadvantage is the use of a large amount, and the need to reapply, may drip everywhere.

 Silicone-based: some condom sets on the lubricant is silicon-based, relative to the water-based, it is more durable and more expensive; because of the strong lubricity and waterproof, very suitable for bathroom play ~

The disadvantage is that silicon-based lubricant can not be used on silicone sex toys, which may damage the toy. 

Other: some brands have introduced cold, hot and even fruity edible lubricants that can be used for biting needs; a hint, even if it is edible lubricant, do not eat too much oh. 

In addition, if you see N-9 (nonyl phenyl ether-9) in the list of ingredients of lubricating fluid, do not buy and use; this is an antiseptic disinfectant ingredients, but also an antibacterial agent, able to kill 3 kinds of lactic acid bacteria, but also destroy the epithelial cells of the phonetic tract and rectum. 

Lubricant how to use to enjoy?

  1. with condoms, sex toys in sex when wearing a condom, pour out a coin-sized amount, rubbing in the heart of the hand until warm, and then applied to the private parts; note, do not rub too long to prevent rubbing dry; also do not apply directly, the touch is too cold, but will lose interest ~ If girls use sucking toys, you can apply lubricant on the sucking mouth, and then apply a small amount of lubricant on the clitoris to reduce If you use a toy, in addition to the body of the stick, but also coated to the vaginal opening, so that the realistic dildo in the entrance of the friction lubrication effect better.
  2. Foreplay massage. Do foreplay, you can let the other half lying on the bed, the lubricant dripping into his/her back, buttocks; then give him/her a love massage, to explore the sensitive points ...... 
  3. timely reapplication. Although the lubricant is relatively easy to evaporate, but in the process of friction is also dry; especially when the sex time is long, must be in the middle of the timely reapplication. 

Sex should be bold with the help of foreign objects to enhance their experience; it is the same as condoms, realistic dildo, is an essential little helper in your sex life.

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