How to Measure Your Chastity Cage and Ring Size

How to Measure Your Chastity Cage and Ring Size

When buying a chastity cage, you need to ensure the ring at one end of the device is large enough for your testicles and penis to sit comfortably without cutting off bloodflow or preventing you from peeing. On the other hand, a chastity cage that's too big can move and cause friction, and no one wants that! Remember to measure the girth of your penis and length when soft.

The easiest way to measure is with a piece of string or around your penis and testicles (a fabric tape measure is a bit too square to sit against your body naturally). Wrap the end of the string around them and back toward the top with just enough room to insert your pinky. Mark that point on the string. Then, tie a loose knot at that point and wear the string around your willy for five minutes.

If it's properly fitted, it won't cause discoloration or move around, and you'll be able to pee with it on. You can make slight adjustments if it's too tight or too loose.

The next step is to tighten the knot you made, not the loop around your penis. Secure the knot so you can wear the string around your soft penis for 15-20 minutes (set an alarm) to test out the size. If it slips, tighten it just a bit. After 20 minutes, you'll know whether it's comfortable and you can mark the string right after the knot.

When you're happy with the fit, measure the string with a ruler. Repeat this whole process three times and average them.

Measuring around your penis gives you the circumference. However, some chastity cages specify diameter, which is just the thickness and not the measurement all the way around. Fortunately, you can easily convert between the two. Divide your circumference by 3.14 (Pi) to learn the diameter. For example, if your penis has a circumference of 2 inches, the diameter is .634 inches.

Now that you've got your measurements, it's time to buy your chastity cage!
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