High quality foreplay strategy

High quality foreplay strategy

Recently, I saw many similar messages in the background: rabbit, why every time sex goes in a while I climax, she only just felt.

What can I do to get me and my girlfriend to together? As we said before, men and women's body reaction time are different; it is really difficult to make women and men climax at the same time.

So how do you minimize the time difference between orgasms? The method is actually known to everyone - more foreplay.

*The basic operations of foreplay are titillating small talk, hugging, kissing, touching, etc., which can help each other relax and arouse desire.

Some men say: I have done all these, why is she still uncomfortable? /Why would she reject me? Because it is not enough just to do foreplay, but also to do foreplay. Good foreplay, should be multi-sensory multi-angle, need to meet the needs of the four aspects of vision, hearing, smell, touch.

Here I will teach you in detail: foreplay for girls need what preparation, what are the main points and taboos.


What do you need to prepare before foreplay?

1) Your appearance - at least clean yourself up before foreplay!

If a girl picks up your hand when you see the long nails with dirt; in the intimate time by your unshaven scruff poke; in the flirtation suddenly smells a sweat / foot odor / odor ...... more vigorous desire will be instantly doused.

If you want to show some more masculinity, you can use some dressing "careful": collarbone good-looking shirt, let her unbutton for you; hands good-looking, wear a few more rings, let her help you take down.

In short, according to their own conditions to play! Don't forget to brush your teeth and rinse your mouth, contain a mint candy, can greatly enhance the pleasure of women when kissing.


2) The environment for sex -

A sense of security and privacy is a prerequisite for girls to relax their bodies.

Most women will not want to show their style in a small hotel/private shadow/outdoor. For safety, please don't have sex in a dangerous/unknown environment on a whim, girls will have a hard time getting into the mood.

If you get a room, please take her to a better hotel. Of course, the most recommended main battlefield is in your own home bedroom, comfortable and at ease ~

The key point: after the start of foreplay, please do not touch the phone again. It is easy for men to overlook this, but the act of looking at your phone midway is really dangerous in the eyes of girls! They will worry if you are taking pictures or videos, and instantly raise the alarm.

According to color psychology research, warm colors (such as scarlet) are the most arousing, while blue is the most calming.

So, it's best not to choose cool colors for your bed four-piece set. Warm yellow lamp to create a little ambiguous atmosphere, and two scented candles on the table. The candle light flickers on and off, most likely to tantalize women's hearts.

A study found that sweet bagels and pumpkin smell can stimulate male desire, while cucumber and baby powder smell is more likely to help female sexual arousal.

To do a good job of auditory foreplay, playing music is also indispensable. We recommend going to music software and searching for the following keywords: sexy/midnight/emotional/microbrew.


3) A little surprise -

Here are some more methods that can play an accelerating role, you men can refer to.

Blindfold her and take her into your carefully decorated room.

Buy her a piece of erotic lingerie or a sex toy she wants, beautifully packaged. In her ear whispered: baby, this is what we will use later oh, guess what?

You can even equip her with an enhanced version of you - a realistic large dildo.

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you and "you", 2 for 1, your wife is sure to surrender in orgasm.

Pick a nice nickname for her and drop a kiss on her forehead, cheek, or corner of her mouth with each call.

Help her to take a bath, massage, comb her hair, apply moisturizing oil, etc. Serving for women can most intuitively make her feel your respect and love.


Explain the order of each area

If the preparation is done properly, I believe that by this time she is already very excited and ready to make further contact with you. The next thing the old man needs to do, I do not need to say more, you know - to explore her body, so that it is sufficient response.


According to the degree of response of different areas of a girl's body, we divide them into three levels from low to high -

Level 1 areas: fingers, ears, neck, lips.

Level 2 areas: breasts, thighs, waist, back.

Level 3 parts: secret garden clitoris.

Do not touch the level 3 parts as soon as they come up! Here the most guarded, need to be constantly paved in front, gradually into a good situation before the initiative to meet you.

You can start with areas that are far from the level 3 areas - for example, squeeze your feet, tickle your feet with a feather, or massage her scalp, temples, shoulders and neck. Let her body slowly relax.

When facing level 1 areas, the best tool is the mouth - whispering behind the ears and gently puffing; the back of the neck is good for sliding light kisses.

Facing level 2 areas, men can use a variety of tools to explore, such as fingertips, lips and tongue, teeth, feather sticks, smooth metal blocks ...... touching the skin as if they were not close enough to massage.

Finally, when it comes to the level 3 area, men need to find the only part of the woman's body that is only made for pleasure - the clitoris.

Here the requirement of the technique is relatively high, you can gently own the tip of the nose, about this strength. Too much force will make the girl feel "sore, numb" and even resentful. The direction to use up and down or left and right or drawing circles, if you do not grasp the bad, you can try sex toys, do not die with the fingers.

One more thing to note: most girls will not have strong feelings about the act of incorporation unless you can find the "spot" exactly. If you can't, it's best not to enter, lest the wrong technique lead to girls pain and dryness.


Some tips for more pleasure

Many people's misconceptions about foreplay are: just because a girl is "wet" means she's ready / just focus on one spot to make her happy ......

In fact, the girl may be in foreplay before the preparation of psychological satisfaction, has begun to wet; this does not mean ready, please stop your old man's hands.

Don't foreplay a little, feel that can be a thrill attack, it is likely to cause her revulsion, the foregone conclusion! Never hold on to a certain place and not let go, whether it is kissing or stroking, should be a small number of times. Each part needs to stay not too long, keep "wandering", taking turns to take care of different places.


So how can you tell if she's comfortable during foreplay?

① from the body reaction can be seen, each after a place, you can lightly blow a breath, if a slight tremor, is to feel. Of course, if she blushes, heartbeat accelerates, body sweating, is to do the right no doubt it.

If you are a sweet talker, you can ask her directly how she feels. But there are a few points to note - not too many words, or the girl may just feel out of the play.

Experts suggest that the conversation during sex should be as short and easy to answer as possible, and it is best to be gentle and bring her name.


Do foreplay with affection

Lastly, and most importantly: please make sure you do foreplay with love.

Without the circulation of love, can not be called sex. The girl wants, not only to meet her physical needs, but first to meet her psychological needs, and then to meet the physical needs.

The girl's mind is delicate and sensitive, your action is perfunctory, the purpose is strong, she can see at once. Only for the attack and foreplay is meaningless, do it is also in vain, she will not really open his heart to meet you.

Serious foreplay, good foreplay, is the basis of a high-quality sex, but also the embodiment of your sincerity to the relationship.

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