Have not played these, do not say you know how to make love

Have not played these, do not say you know how to make love

Sex is an important ties between men and women's emotions, two people together for a long time, it is inevitable that they will feel bland; if there is nothing new fancy, sex will become a daily work punch card.

The time is getting shorter and shorter, the posture is the same, touching her / him is like touching yourself. How can you have sex that is always satisfying when your life is so long?

In fact, it is very simple - learn the skills at the same time, do not forget to learn to create fun; will tease, will play, two people can be full of passion in bed.


01 Front door, floor windows, mirrors

When she says she wants to have sex, you can only think of bed, No wonder your girlfriend says you're too old-fashioned! See what the masters of eroticism are doing. 

  1. the moment I got home and pushed open the door, I pinned her to the door and kissed her hard and undressed sharply; I was hard and she was wet; it was a straightforward sex in place.
  2. have you ever tried having sex at night with the lights off and the curtains pulled back?

Pressed her on the floor window, with the movement of the glass gradually fogged up; far away is the outside scenery, close to her lost eyes, ears are hard to restrain the excitement ...... hazy "exposure", so I and she felt more exciting than ever.

  1. carry her to the big mirror, admire each other's bodies and expressions.

Watching her burning with lust and desire, her eyes dazzled and breathing heavily, it was as if we were the hero and heroine of the film, enjoying an immersive sexual experience ......


02 How exciting is sensory deprivation?

If you want to add some mystery to sex, start with passion, blindfold her/him and sink with her/him in the dark.

His fingertips gently rubbing, fingertips slowly gliding over the body; like the way his lips seem to be on the hot skin. This slightly restrained gentleness, slower and slower.

The soft feathering of my waist, the tingling, the "torment" that drives me crazy, my attention focused on his movements, the uncontrollable urge to ask him to apply force.


03 Grab my beloved little leather whip.

In addition to blindfold, simple bondage, bondage games are very suitable for couples to play light SM; these are like the chili in the sex feast, hot and top.

  1. Erotic SPA.

After the bath, he lit a scented candle, the center of the candle melted into a pool of warmth and was poured by him tenderly onto my back, the surprise was that the temperature was not hot at all, the mild temperature, the instant sense of tremor, made me want to stop. 

  1. Spanked.

It's great to be spanked! The tingling sensation spread from my buttocks to my pussy, and I had a wonderful sense of being conquered psychologically.


04 Make your husband excited about the erotic lingerie 

Are you still wearing ordinary old-fashioned underwear? Even wearing a T-shirt directly on the blanket? This is no desire for anyone else.

 Usually for comfort, how comfortable you can wear; but in bed can be different, what to wear on the sexual experience is not a little bit of impact.

My husband and I have been married for three years, my husband is very straight kind of man. Over time, the bed is basically sleeping on each other.

I asked my husband if he liked the emotional lingerie, he said don't be fancy. Then there was a wedding anniversary, I bought a set of silk nightgown plus black transparent stockings, his eyes became hot, that night he was like a beast.

Which men do not love black silk, net stockings, see-through. Just like my husband, this time provoked desire, as if to open up a new land of interest, after the change to buy me all kinds of erotic lingerie.

For girls, wearing a beautifully designed, silky smooth skin lingerie, in fact, is also pleasing to ourselves! And the feeling of making your boyfriend tremble, so cool!


05 Do you have time? I want to play games with you.

Men and women reach orgasm at different times, and what many girls lack most is hot foreplay. People who know how to take care of their significant other can achieve true sexual bliss.

I used to reject such out-of-body things as Realistic Dildos, Vibrators, am I not strong enough? What does a girlfriend need a sex toy for? Then I tried playing with sex toys with my girlfriend, watching her breath rise and fall with my manipulation, reaching the peak under my mastery; this pleasure and excitement, she was very excited, my heart also got great satisfaction. 

She will also use Male Masturbators to solve for me at special times; guys, the Realistic Vaginas & Butts that my girlfriend bought for me are really comfortable, I used to disdain these toys, but now, it's so cool! It turns out that we all play together, is really fun.

The men and women love from biological instincts, and a harmonious sex life can also make the relationship more harmonious.

The rabbits often hear fans complain that their significant other "does not know how to have fun", but fun is really not a matter of one person. It's all about how you develop him/her, isn't it? You are each other's best teacher.

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