During sex, Never Hold Back From Ejaculating!

During sex, Never Hold Back From Ejaculating!

Clinically, it is found that many patients with premature ejaculation have the habit of forcing themselves not to ejaculate, either by controlling with intention or aborting intercourse, or even directly squeezing the glans head with their hands during orgasm so that semen cannot be ejaculated. They believe that by holding back from ejaculation, they can play a therapeutic role in premature ejaculation and prolong their sex life. In fact, holding back semen without ejaculation is not only not a cure for premature ejaculation, but also has many harmful effects on the body and induces a variety of male diseases.

The men with prostatitis and vesiculitis are in a state of congestion in the entire reproductive system during sexual intercourse, and when intercourse is discontinued before ejaculation, the congestion in the reproductive system and pelvis does not disappear quickly, the cerebral cortex and spinal cord remain in a state of tension for a long time, the seminal vesicles and prostate cannot be emptied, and they will feel uncomfortable afterwards, and even the lower body will have a feeling of swelling and heaviness.

As the seminal vesicles and prostate gland are extensively congested for a long time, they will eventually induce non-bacterial prostatitis and seminal vesicles, producing symptoms such as frequent urination, unclean urination, perineal discomfort and back pain.

Conditions in which ejaculation is not possible
Inability to ejaculate is a condition in which it is possible to have sex, but there is no orgasm and semen cannot be discharged. The process of sexual response is a natural process, and forcibly interfering with it can disrupt sexual function. If one is often accustomed to holding back from ejaculation, it can induce ejaculation disorder in the long run. If you are accustomed to holding back ejaculation, it may not be so easy to restore the ejaculatory function once the neuro-endocrine system has become accustomed to the pattern of holding back ejaculation.

Retrograde ejaculation
During normal orgasm, rhythmic contractions occur in the vas deferens, seminal vesicles, prostate and urethral muscles, pressing sperm and fluid from each organ into the posterior urethra, closing the bladder neck, ejaculating semen out of the body, and obtaining orgasm and pleasure. If you hold back from ejaculation, semen will be forced to rush backwards through the inner bladder opening into the bladder, forming retrograde ejaculation. In the long run, this will form a conditioned reflex, making retrograde ejaculation occur frequently and easily cause infertility.

Erectile dysfunction
Holding back from ejaculation requires the brain to control it, and if this happens for a long time, it will have an inhibitory effect on the nervous system that controls sexual excitement, easily causing sexual dysfunction, leading to erectile dysfunction, etc.

Painful ejaculation or weakness of ejaculation
Holding back from ejaculation may lead to inflammation of the prostate gland, seminal vesicle gland, posterior urethra and seminal mound area, and ejaculation pain during ejaculation; holding back from ejaculation may also lead to pelvic muscle dysfunction, incomplete retrograde ejaculation, etc. leading to weak ejaculation and loss of orgasm and ejaculatory pleasure. Therefore, if you suffer from premature ejaculation, you should visit a regular public hospital's male department in time to identify the cause, establish a diagnosis, develop a reasonable treatment plan, and use medication regularly. In addition, pay attention to the experience and skills of sexual life, premature ejaculation is completely treatable, forcing not to ejaculate does not cure premature ejaculation.

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