Does Sex Toys Lead to Better Sex ?

Does Sex Toys Lead to Better Sex ?

Researchers have determined that more than half of all American women own sex toys For example Realistic Dildos , and some men do, too! With these items often within arm's reach, why not incorporate them into your partnered sex life? If you're on the fence, keep reading to discover the benefits of

How Sex Toys Lead to Better Sex
Sex toys absolutely can lead to better sex, as the following points illustrate.

1. You Learn More About Each Other
By using sex toys, you can discover new likes (and dislikes), ultimately adding to your knowledge of one another. Learning new ways to tease and please your partner can be such a thrill. You think you know your partner very well? Try surprising your partner with a new sex toy every now and then!

2. Exploring Brings You Closer Together
Trying new things with a partner brings you closer together. It's as true for sex toys as it is going on a road trip. Of course, it's convenient that you can shop for and try a new vibrating-dildos from the comfort of your own home! This strengthens your foundation and enhances intimacy, and we don't just mean physical intimacy. Everyday (night) can be an adventure with different sex toys incorporated into your play.

3. You Can Have Better, Easier, and More Orgasms
One of the biggest pros of sex toys is how they can help you orgasm. Many people who have struggled to orgasm easily--or at all--find relief with a sextoy. Sex toys might also help you have multiple orgasms. And prostate toys help those with penises explore new types of orgasm. That sounds like better sex to us!

4. Sex Toys Reduce Pressure
This leads us to our final point, which is that having a device on hand reduces the pressure to stay harder or wetter, last longer, or perform superhuman feats. After all, that's why people invented tools in the first place!

How to Introduce Sex Toys to Your Partner
Of course, sex toys can cause an issue if your partner is intimidated. That's why it's important that everyone realizes these are just tools that can be enjoyed by both of you and enhance your relationship. If you're unsure how your partner will react, you can broach the subject rather than simply whipping out a Dildos from your nightstand. Propose that you explore sex toys together and find those such as couples vibrators that enhance your sex life or a Masturbators that they can enjoy alone and with you. And if your partner has an issue with sex toys, keep the lines of communication open. Unfortunately, some people can't get over their intimidation, but if your partner wants to control your sexuality, you might reconsider that relationship.

Fortunately, many couples enjoy sex toys together, and if you and your partner are also in the market for a new sex toy. Dear Rabbits offers the best selection of toys in US and beyond.
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