Difficulty ejaculating during sex, what should I do?

Difficulty ejaculating during sex, what should I do?

Difficulty ejaculating during sex, what should I do?

Ten minutes, twenty minutes, forty minutes... After a long sex game, your big cock still can't ejaculate. It's really strange, obviously you can still ejaculate happily when masturbating with your right hand, why can't you have sex with your girlfriend? Sex is both a pleasure and a nightmare for some boys. It's just because their penis can erect normally, but they can't always reach ejaculation orgasm, can't get pleasure, and can't ejaculate for a long time.

Why can't I finish ejaculation?
The process of ejaculation is a trilogy, which is specifically divided into "semen leaking into the posterior urethra + closure of the bladder neck + ejaculation of the urethral semen out of the body". This step is easier said than done. It is the ejaculation process under the joint control of the nervous system, endocrine system and reproductive system. Any problems in any of the intermediate links can lead to ejaculation disorders. One such ejaculation disorder is amenorrhea (AE), which refers to a normal erection but the inability to orgasm, or the ability to ejaculate under other circumstances (eg, masturbation), but not in the vagina. That is to say, men are often hard, but cannot ejaculate when they have sex with women, which is the exact opposite of premature ejaculation.

Generally speaking, there are two types of amenorrhea: functional and organic.
Clinically, 90% of cases belong to functional amenorrhea, and the causes of this disease usually include the following:
1. High mental stress: dissatisfaction with partner, excessive marriage debt, uncoordinated relationship between the two parties, poor environment for sex choice, long-term suppression of sexual desire to form a conditioned reflex of no ejaculation, etc.;
2. Excessive sexual intercourse: Too frequent sexual intercourse can easily lead to dysfunction of the spinal cord ejaculation center, resulting in non-ejaculation;
3. Frequent masturbation: Men who have been masturbating for a long time will fall in love with "self-satisfaction" and get used to the strong stimulation of the ejaculation center brought by their hands. If they replace their hands with girls, they will not achieve ejaculation orgasm.

Functional non-ejaculation disorder is mainly caused by excessive psychological pressure + lack of sexual knowledge. Treatment options include the following:
1. Learning together: Couples learn physiological common sense and sexual response knowledge together;
2. Concentrate on sex: forget about the troubles and focus on the process of sex, so that men can reach orgasm in a relaxed and passionate mind;
3. Try new positions: During sex, pay attention to adopting "variety of positions and methods". Strengthen the stimulation intensity, so that the penis can fully feel sexual stimulation;
4. Change the place: You can appropriately change the environment of sex to see which environment is easier to achieve orgasm;
5. Take a break: Let your big cock rest for a while, barely fighting both sides uncomfortable?

There are also a small number of men (about 10% of the affected population) who do not ejaculate due to organic non-ejaculation caused by disease or drugs. The difference between it and functional non-ejaculation is that even masturbation cannot orgasm. This situation needs to be timely. to the hospital for treatment.
Common reasons include:
1. Lateral lobe lesions of the brain, spinal cord injury, conduction nerve disorders;
2. Local lesions: bladder neck relaxation, penile trauma, induration, scarring, fibrosis, severe hypospadias;
3. Hypopituitarism, hyperthyroidism, acromegaly, etc.;
4. Drug effects: Long-term use of certain antihypertensive drugs, overdose of tranquilizers or alpha-adrenergic blockers, and long-term alcoholism can induce non-ejaculation.

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