Creating an orgasmic physique

Creating an orgasmic physique

After each sexual encounter, does he always like to ask you, "Did you come?" "How many times did you have an orgasm"? Even to prolong sex, they variously hold back and think of ways to release themselves until they can no longer hold back. Why do they hold back? Because they want you to be comfortable and they want you to come. In the eyes of men, they feel that the woman orgasm is a confirmation of his ability, will give him a sense of accomplishment, to meet his desire to conquer, of course, is also a reflection of love you. In the eyes of men, every time sex can be orgasmic women, more sexy, the feeling of sex is also more pleasurable. But the problem is that not all women can have orgasms during sex, and a large percentage of them. If you do, then congratulations, you have a wonderful experience that most women want but can't get. If you don't have it for a while and want it, what should you do? First you need to have the knowledge that orgasm is not a natural gift, but an ability that is acquired through learning. When you no longer give up on your long-awaited orgasmic experience, but are willing to look for the problem, and willing to seek a solution, then everything becomes easy. A simple action can make it easy for you to gain an orgasm-prone body.

During orgasm, there is a very important physiological reaction: the convulsions of the pelvic floor muscles. The ability to reach orgasm is determined by the strength of the pelvic floor muscle contraction. If your pelvic floor muscle strength is weak, then the amplitude of its convulsions will be particularly small, while if your pelvic floor muscle strength degree is particularly large, then your convulsions will be a stormy amplitude. And not only can you feel the pleasure, but he can also clearly feel the rhythm of your vaginal contractions and know that you are coming.

Many women are probably aware of Kegel exercise, pelvic floor muscle recovery exercise designed to address vaginal laxity. However, many people practice Kegel exercise with only inward contractions that do not relax and do not allow them to fully control this muscle. Moreover, Kegel exercise do not take into account the woman's own "sexual pleasure".

XO training is based on Kegel exercises, integrated with the characteristics of female orgasm, further optimized.

And XO not only emphasizes the equal relationship between force and tension, but also guides you to experience and feel the cooperation between breathing and muscles to enhance the experience of pleasure during sex, with more prominent effect. At the same time, XO attaches great importance to the core muscle groups and breathing training, helping practitioners learn to control the direction of muscle movement with subjective awareness. Long-term exercise also strengthens contraction and endurance and improves vaginal flexibility, allowing you to control your pelvic floor muscles as you wish and to better achieve and enjoy orgasms.

Ultimately, such a workout can make your pelvic floor muscle groups more flexible, make your vagina flexible, make you an orgasm-prone body, and make you more attractive and confident.

It exercises the pelvic floor muscles through different speed training methods for fast and slow muscles, strengthening the strength, endurance, flexibility and explosive power of the pelvic floor muscles, and enhancing women's performance during sex.

In the next blog, we will introduce how to do XO training, please stay tuned to the Dear Rabbits blog. There are not only good products to improve the quality of sex, but also some tips, so let's build a bridge of love and share our experience with each other.

XO training is divided into two movements.


Suppose you are peeing, and in the middle of it you suddenly realize that you are not actually in the bathroom now, but lying in your own bed, dreaming, so you immediately contract your vaginal muscles to block the urine quickly. This is the O-clamp.


Now, again, suppose you are peeing and your friend is urging you on outside the restroom, at which point you want to push the urine out quickly.

Then you instinctively "push" outward with your phonatory muscles. This feels like an X-squeeze!

During the day, you can start doing this exercise whenever you feel like it.

X for 3 seconds, O for another 3 seconds, and relax for 1 second in between. X-O-relax for a bit, a group of 16 do. Do 3-5 sets per day.

XO strengthening exercise method

Although we know how to train, it is still difficult to carry out from time to time. On the one hand, worry that they are not the right way to force the wrong muscle groups; on the other hand, feel that the training effect is not fast enough to achieve.

This is a good solution - with the help of vaginal dumbbells.

It can be more drops to strengthen the muscle capacity, as if, if you want to let yourself train biceps, just by tightening the arms, it is very difficult to let the muscle growth, you need the appropriate weight.

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