Common female sex toys on the market, and the use of the problem

Common female sex toys on the market, and the use of the problem

For a wide range of sex toys on the market, many people only a glimpse of its appearance may not know its efficacy and usage, here to introduce you some commonly used female sex toys, and the use of the problem:

Realistic dildo - material soft, flexible, love until you can't let go, you can buy different sizes according to demand, so as to meet your different needs. The penis, covered with a certain degree of roughness of the blood vessels decorative. So that the product visually, power and feel to meet your requirements, I believe you will like its charm. The bionic glans is designed to massage the sensitive area inside and outside of women's vagina, giving women multiple stimulation and making them reach orgasm quickly, which has good therapeutic effect for treating female frigidity and lack of orgasm.

Crystal Wand - Warm and romantic color and peculiar design of the idea: this product is uniquely small and cute, easy to carry. Because it is small and gentle, so it is a good choice for women who have never tried sex toys before. (Absolutely no harm to you, and guaranteed to make you experience orgasm.) At the same time it is also a good masturbation product for passionate couples in the posterior. It can massage the sex sensitive area, stimulate local nerves, promote blood circulation, thus regulating endocrine while stimulating other sensitive parts of the vagina, so that women quickly enter the state of excitement. Take you to experience a sexual feeling that you have never tasted before. Worth having! 

How to use sex jumping egg, remote control jumping egg - jumping egg: insert the jumping egg into the vagina, turn on the switch, you can insert the vibrating egg deep into the vagina or anus in no one's place, hold the control handle switch, adjust the vibration speed to the appropriate frequency. Experience the feeling of your vagina being illuminated! The strong vibrating sensation will definitely give you an unexpected surprise. At the same time, this product is also one of the best flirting products for couples to increase the pleasure of intercourse. Experience a different kind of sexual stimulation. Whether male, female, couples are the most ideal erotic products, while the product's more easily collected.

Body lubricant - for any age due to various factors, such as fatigue, mood swings, gynecological surgery caused by the reduction of secretions, or sexual indifference and caused by the discomfort and dryness of intercourse, or pain, etc., after using to enhance the base elasticity, softness, lubricity. Each time only 2-3 drops can be used, the effect is particularly large.

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