All you need to know about Anal Sex.

All you need to know about Anal Sex.

As the days go by and you feel a little "tired", people are always thinking of trying new things, like anal sex.

Don't get excited! Today we are only launching some questions and answers about this "partial exercise", and there is no action guide.


The mystery of the anus

The anus is at the end of the intestinal tract and is the opening of the digestive tract to the outside of the body.

Humans have always carried a natural desire to explore unknown caves, whether they are black holes, caves or holes in the body. In the United States, there are statistics that 130 million people have experienced anal sex.

According to a recent survey by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), 42% of men and 36% of women nationwide "have tried anal sex at least once, a big increase from the 1990s, when only a quarter of men and a fifth of women had such an experience.

As the popularity of anal sex rises, its physiological impact on the "receiving end" has drawn more curiosity and attention.

For example


Can anal sex loosen the anus?

Some people worry that anal sex will make them incontinent, but this is not the case, according to research that showed that 40 men, divided into two groups of subjects, one experienced and the other inexperienced, were investigated for defecation habits and anal function.

By measuring the pressure of the posterior sphincter in both groups, it was found that the resting pressure of the anus was lower in the experienced than in the inexperienced, i.e., the anal sphincters did not bite each other completely tightly in their usual contracted state.

That is, it does loosen that much.

But this is not a big deal, because the sphincter is also originally a loose and tight muscle, in other words, even anal sex players can basically ensure that the anus is loose and tight.


Does anal sex affect health?

Yes! Anal sex is a sex act that can easily spread diseases, naturally because the rectum lacks secretions and does not have the same lubrication and bactericidal function as the vagina, and because the rectal epithelium is different from the vaginal epithelium and is highly susceptible to damage, which can cause pathogens to invade through the break and enter the bloodstream directly, and because the alkaline environment in the rectum is more suitable for viruses to survive and multiply.

In addition, according to HIV risk assessment guidelines, anal sex is a high risk. To minimize the risk of contracting the disease, please use condoms properly!

This exercise also has the potential to cause rectal laceration trauma. So, remember these words: clean beforehand, wear a thick condom, dilate fully, and lubrication is important!


Does anal sex produce pleasure?

According to scientific studies, this exercise is pleasurable because the area around the asshole is covered with nerve endings and the main function of the peripheral nerves is to experience pleasure.

But girls don't experience it as much as boys do because boys have prostate glands in addition to nerve endings. The squeeze and contraction of the prostate gland will cause pleasure in men.

At the same time, there will be a psychological satisfaction of violating the taboo, bringing the experience of intermingling shame and pleasure together.


Will anal sex touch feces?

I was curious about this question at first, and my first reaction was: It's disgusting! Won't it touch feces?

Later on, I found out that feces is far away from your asshole, unless you have recently had diarrhea or have not emptied your bowels, as long as you eat healthy and have regular bowel movements, your anus is actually very clean.

In fact, the rabbit's advice is to use sex toys and try them occasionally. For example, the temptation of anal plugsanal dildos, smooth, the right size, you can reap a different experience.

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Many people may feel unable to accept this sport and look at it with a critical eye, but I would like to say: as long as the two lovers, intimate, the behavior that occurs between adults, both sides are enjoying, why should be judged by outsiders? Sex is sex itself, do not give it too much unnecessary meaning.

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