75% of men ejaculate within 3 minutes!

75% of men ejaculate within 3 minutes!

75% of men ejaculate within 3 minutes! Research reveals the definition of premature ejaculation, doctors sigh: Adult movies give pressure!

When men and women have sex, if men have premature ejaculation, it will not only frustrate their confidence, but also affect their taste. However, the definition of "premature ejaculation" is not as strict as imagined. The doctor pointed out that an average of more than 2 minutes is normal. It is because the ejaculation time of pornographic male stars often exceeds this number, which makes modern men generate great pressure.

Urologists share the definition and treatment of premature ejaculation. According to the definition of Dr. Kinsey, the founder of modern sexology research in the United States in 1950, the time of sexual intercourse starts from the insertion of the penis into the vagina and ends with ejaculation, and "an average of more than 2 minutes is normal." Ejaculation within 3 minutes. It is clearly stated here that the time from the insertion of the penis into the vagina and the end of ejaculation is considered as sexual intercourse. During a sexual intercourse, there may be many sexual intercourse activities. The male penis is inserted into the female vagina, and then pulled out after exercise, that is, the sexual intercourse is completed.

However, the doctor said that in adult films, the ejaculation time of male actors often exceeds this number, which will cause great pressure on modern men; according to the research of Japanese scholars, even more than 70% of men have been anxious and suspected that they have premature ejaculation. The problem!

What if it is less than 2 minutes? The doctor explained that efficient reproduction does not lie in the persistence of sexual intercourse, and premature ejaculation only exists in the psychological level of insecurity and insecurity. Premature ejaculation is generally difficult to have high-quality sexual intercourse. When it is difficult for men to control ejaculation, many end with ejaculation rather than ejaculation. Not only the sexual partner cannot enjoy the physical pleasure brought by sexual intercourse, but also the man himself cannot do it. To complete sexual activity is satisfied, leading to loss of confidence and feelings of self-loathing.

The doctor said that the treatment of premature ejaculation can be carried out in many ways, including the following 6 points:

1. Relax your mind and create a stress-free emotional and sexual life situation.

2. Use a condom and/or apply anesthesia ointment to the glans to reduce sensitivity.

3. The glans squeezing method, that is, when there is a feeling of ejaculation, stop the insertion immediately, take out the penis from the woman's vagina, and press the glans with the thumb and index fingers. Repeatedly, the effect of delaying ejaculation can be achieved.
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