6 Ways to Have Anal Sex That Makes You Insanely Happy

6 Ways to Have Anal Sex That Makes You Insanely Happy

Anal sex was only a hobby of a few players in the past, but with the change of sexual attitudes, more and more people have discovered the irresistible magic from it!

Cosmopolitan, a foreign fashion website for women, recently shared 5 anal sex positions that make people never regret this life, which can be enjoyed by players from beginners to advanced players. The most fascinating of them all is the last one: the double penetration! Let's open our eyes together~

1. The Beginner’s Bend
First lie on your side on the bed, curled up like an unborn fetus, then the man gently hugs your body from the back, and you will instantly feel the security of being cared for and possessed. You can talk softly first and let the guy in slowly. However, what makes girls feel the most is the massage stick sandwiched between the legs. The pleasure it brings will cover the friction of the boy sliding behind. This is also the wonder of the fetal position, which is very suitable for beginners. use.

2. Butt-up position
Put a pillow on your stomach, put yourself on your stomach in the most comfortable position, raise your hips, and let your partner rub your back, butt, and legs until you feel it. If he starts putting lube there, try rubbing some of your fingers to massage his clitoris, and don't forget to put a massage stick between his legs, this is the most ecstatic moment! You're still a beginner, it's good to have more stimulation to distract you from the rear!

3. The Standing Slow Slide
Hold a chair against the wall, put one leg on the chair, lift your hips, and prop up the wall with one hand, and let your male partner put his arm around you and enter from behind. Anal sex does not have to be fast and intense, this position is just right for slow progress, you can clearly feel the amazing pleasure brought by anal friction.

4. The Erotic Examination
Your body position can affect your mood. Lie on a stable table or bed with your legs outstretched and outstretched, and grab your ankles with both hands, as if trying to give the doctor a thorough look at you. This embarrassing position alone is enough to make both men and women's heart beat faster, not to mention when the "doctor" actually comes in to "examine" you.

5. Double insertion position
Double penetration requires two objects that can enter the body, in other words, you need to have two playmates at the same time. But if you can't handle threesomes, use a vibrator instead. Put yourself astride the man with your back to his face, then slowly rock up and down, and when everything is in place, put the vibrator in the vagina. It's not over yet, your other hand can massage your clitoris at the same time, which will make you hit the "triple orgasm"! This series of sensory stimulation may make you suffocate and suffocate in unprecedented numbness. Don't forget to stop in moderation.

6. With the help of anal dildos
Who knew that silicone Anal dildo could be so much fun? Luckily Dear Rabbits did. Firm-yet-flexible, this Realistic Dildo is easy to insert and remove, and designed to contour to the natural curve of your body. Pull out as you approach orgasm for explosive results.

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"A safe, sexy, fun way for both sexes to explore anal play or prepare for anal intercourse. Also brilliant for role-play, teasing and power games!" - Dear Rabbits Adult Toys

A good squeeze of the good stuff (water-based anal sex lube) is all you need for added slide and enhanced sensations when playing with this bum toy, if it's your first foray into anal pleasure. Leave in place, then pull out as you reach your climax for a powerful release.

Follow these 6 postures step by step and you will discover a world like never before! Don't forget these three backdoor principles beforehand:
1. Prepare a lot of lubricant.
2. Use condoms and don't forget safe sex during anal sex.
3. Please do not suddenly run from the anus to the vagina with the male partner.
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