2022 Sex Report: Where? When? How to do it?

2022 Sex Report: Where? When? How to do it?

What are the most popular sex positions and what sexual fantasies do men want to achieve? Dear Rabbits' sex report shows what kind of sex we want in 2022.

The online sex toys shopping site Dear Rabbits once again surveyed different people's bedrooms, and in its annual Sexuality Report, offers interesting insights into the sex lives of men in the United States, Germany and Switzerland, as well as the latest sex trends report. Judging from the booming sales of online "sex toys" in recent years, Dear Rabbits' survey proposition is based on its social mission, believing that sex will make people happier. In fact, half of the respondents feel this way, in the 2,000 respondents. 42% of American men say sex makes them feel good, but the other 58% say something is wrong with their sex lives, and how many are single and not having sex is not included in the survey.

#1 Sexual Trend: Impulsive
Working from home can also have its benefits. Because often staying at home will inevitably lead to people-to-people bonding, respondents between the ages of 18 and 65 said they have sex more often than before the epidemic, with 27% having sex several times a week. Most people prefer to have sex at night, and more often in summer than in winter. 87% of people tend to do it as soon as they feel the urge, and the reason has to do with the next trend.

#2 Sexual Trend: Place Change
Despite the comfy beds, it's a good idea to switch places to have sex, which was agreed with the study's respondents. 35% of people want to be in harmony with nature in nature, 34% of people want to go to a hotel to explore, 30% of people want to play but still care about the risk of the epidemic, so they prefer to be in the shower or in the bathtub Yes, in addition, 13% of people are not afraid of the risk of gathering, and want to gather with many people to connect with each other!

#3 Sexual Trend: Relieving Stress with Masturbation
Many Chinese and foreign studies have shown that the pandemic has caused people to stop and rethink their life and life. Of course, this kind of self-exploration will not spare one's body, not to mention that masturbation is also a good way to relieve stress. 41% of respondents agreed with their own experience. On average, women masturbate every five days and men about every three days. Besides hands, 31% also use sex toys. The survey even found that people who owned sex toys had sex more often.

What are the most popular sex toys?
The gender position of No. 1 has changed this year. In 2022, "Dildo / Dong" will replace "Vibrators", and "Male Masturbators" will take third place.

What kind of sex atmosphere do you enjoy?
While 29% of respondents prefer to say obscene or swear words during sex, as in an adult movie, most prefer the romantic process. When asked "lights on or off", lights on are narrowly better than lights off. 64% prefer to take it slow rather than a quick, slow sex rhythm.

What is the most common desire for privacy?
Number one: Threesomes, and both men and women want two of them to be of the opposite sex. That said, most guys want a fun threesome with two women. On the other hand, most women also prefer threesomes with two men. Also things like group sex, Kama poses, cosplay and BDSM bondage are all adding to the secret desire list.

Is fake orgasm still fashionable?
Overall, 46% fake an orgasm, 67% of them are women and 27% are men. (But it is recommended that you don't foolishly ask your significant other, are you a real orgasm or a fake orgasm? This is very damaging to the atmosphere...)

What do most people masturbate with?
73% of respondents were satisfied with their versatile hands, 31% were satisfied with sex toys, and 14% preferred lube. But only 15% of men use sex toys when masturbating, but more than half of women like to use sex toys, such as: realistic dildo, vibrating dildo, ejaculation dildo, etc. It seems that women are more courageous than men to seek how to use Sex toys to make your body more happy.
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