Wife likes when I act like I don’t want to have sex with her

I (37m) know this may be some type of CNC, but usually CNC involves a more aggressive play. Yesterday we finished watching TV and were about to go to sleep, but she wanted to have sex. She told me to keep watching the TV while she blowed me. We then started having sex and she asked me to keep my eyes on the TV. Honestly I wanted to just have sex with her, but looking at how turned on she was, I continued watching the TV to make her happy. I loved that I found something new that she likes, so I guess I’m asking if any woman here has had this kink and how I can do/say things that will turn her on even more.
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This isn’t CNC, no one’s not consenting. It’s just fun and kind of naughty. I understand this, it’s fun to make non sexual situations sexy.

You could ask her to blow you while you’re working or eating dinner, or do the opposite for her — wait until she watching TV or doing her favorite hobby and tell her to keep going while you eat her out. A really fun one is to give her a book to read, and tell her to keep reading out loud to you while you go down on her.

In general, just touch her seductively during your normal routines — a quick feel while making dinner together — and it’ll probably get her going too.

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