just bought 2 sex toys for the first time and I feel so guilty

I’m 21(f) and I literally just ordered two sex toys online. I still live with my family so I’ve put off even buying them for years because I was scared. Now though I actually feel sick to my stomach and like I wanna barf. Both items are supposed to have discreet packaging, I just hope that nobody snoops and opens them by accident. I guess I just wanted to vent and ask for any advice to maybe feel a little bit better about this?

I know it’s dumb to feel so torn up about it but I’ve always followed the rules and been the “good girl” so this feels very odd to my character even though I know these things aren’t bad. I just want to stop feeling so guilty and start not caring/being more confident.
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Don’t feel guilty! I’ve ordered 6 or 7 toys in dearrabbits and each has come in discreet packaging. The nerves you feel now will give way to satisfaction once you get to use them. Relax and enjoy!


My first package was a collar and a tail buttplug. I was so nervous that the packaging wouldn’t be discreet- that my family would open it. Everything was fine. The company was true to their word.

5 years later im receiving full dildos every couple months, my family shakes my packages and asks me what’s inside. They’re none the wiser, and they’ll stay that way.

You’re still the “good girl” by the way. Sex doesn’t and shouldn’t change that. Enjoy!


I know. My family just has lax boundaries sometimes because we’re all super close so they do just like open my things sometimes. And most of the time I don’t care but for this I do. But I need to be better at defining those boundaries!


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