I masturbated Excessively and aggressively and Now I am worried

Hey guys, I am a 20yo male due to some reasons i was pretty stressed out and i went to my restroom and started masturbating I didn’t stopped until I Ejaculate 3-4 times . My penis is feeling a little numb. Now i am concerned if it will have any long lasting effect on my penis.
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I can relate but not the same situation. I was having sex and came 4-5 times with out stopping just slowing down between. When I finally finished it was a numb feeling but I was also feeling a lot of other things. Took a little bit to feel ‘normal’ again but just chill for a bit and it’ll happen naturally


Don’t worry it happens after a heavy masturbation session especially if you use a death grip. This will pass once your horniness start returning and I bet you would be back at it again.

But here is the thing masturbation is your training ground, notice that there are also better and healthy ways to do it.

To get yourself back on track this guide has a nicely detailed road map drawn for you but basically:

do not ejaculate before 15 minutes of hard stroking, and having to cool off, and then stroking again

longer is better! This is your training

only one ejaculation per day: wack off all day if you like, but only cum once!

Remember: only you have your hand on the controls, so it’s up to you to make this go much longer.


no long term effects.

But consider this: real penetrative penis-in-vagina sex is a lot softer, a lot gentler, even when you are going at it rough.

If you get used to masturbating like that all the time, you are going to have issues, because penis-in-vagina sex, is just way less rough and stimulating. get a fleshlight/pocket pussy or whatever.


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