How to use sex toys to make you feel happiest?

Did you know that sex toys have been around for about 30,000 years? "Our ancestors bent over and carved eight-inch penises out of siltstone," reveals Hallie Lieberman in her book "Buzz: The Stimulating History of Sex Toys." Luckily , sex toys have come a long way since then, and attitudes toward them have changed. . Clinical psychologist and sex expert Dr. Carla Manly told Health it boils down to several factors. "Society has a more open attitude towards sexuality as a whole, which contributes to the use of profanity," she said. "As sexual awareness grows, we are building more openness to previously secret or taboo sexual practices, and naturally attitude. Plus, the availability of sex toys in online and local stores is increasing.”

The popularity of sex toys has exploded, in part because women have become more demanding about their desires and needs. Tiffany Alyse Yelverton, sex coach and founder of the sex education website, told Health. "Sex toys enhance pleasure and greatly enhance foreplay, which is necessary for most women to enjoy intercourse," she says. "Most women need clitoral stimulation for orgasm, especially during intercourse."

While working as a sex coach, Yelverton has found that men are more likely to use sex toys with their partners than in the past, especially younger ones. "The new generation of sex toys is pretty, not penis," she explained. Complementary to sexuality, not competition to sexuality."

If you've never used a sex toy before - or have ever taken a quick look at an online store and been overwhelmed by all the options, Yelverton has some tips. First, she encourages clients to "think of sex toys as an accessory to sex, just as a necklace is an accessory to an outfit."

From being comfortable with you and feeling comfortable, she recommends using a vibrating "bullet" or "egg", a wand, a bunny vibrator, or a penis ring. And don't forget high-quality lube ("it makes everything better") and toy cleaner (for obvious reasons).

Also, if you're curious about vibrating sex toys, Yelverton recommends opting for a rechargeable model. She explained: "The vibration is stronger and there is no extra cost (or waste) for the battery.

Rabbit vibrators are a great way for women to orgasm with their partner. Yelverton. "It provides external clitoral stimulation as well as internal vibration." But it's not just for solos. "We don't usually think about using a bunny toy with a partner, but this toy is perfect," she said. "When a woman can orgasm before sex, it's easier for her to orgasm the second time around, so , using a bunny-like toy that guarantees an orgasm is a great option.”

You can't go wrong using a bullet vibrator as your first vibrator. It's small, discreet, quiet, and inexpensive, yet powerful. Primarily for clitoral stimulation, but like all sex toys, you're really only limited by your imagination, and it may have various speed and mode settings, depending on the model you choose.

"The extra stimulation of the clitoris during sex is very helpful, and it's easy to place it between the two bodies during sex," says Yelverton. Plus, it's not a penis or threat to men, she adds.

Wands can be a threat to sex toy newbies, and are often much larger than regular vibrators and bullet vibrators. But if you're ready to move on to something bigger and more powerful, its enlarged head and long body can give you more convenience.

"The wand can be used on many body types, can be used in many ways, and is a great all-rounder," says Yelverton.

Penis rings, also known as vibrating cock rings, are the most recommended sex toy for couples for a number of reasons, says sex toy site DearRabbits. First, it helps restrict blood flow to the penis for a harder erection, delays ejaculation, and is very simple to use. Yelverton points out that it's a good investment because it can be fun for two people at the same time, or it can be used with another toy for more sex toy fun.

In fact, sex toy shoppers from all over the world still can't get enough of a real dildo that, unlike a vibrator, doesn't actually vibrate or have a motor, but is instead operated by a human. Some dildos are smooth and cylindrical, while others are designed to look like real penises. "Some women prefer a realistic dildo because it looks and feels more like a penis, so it's not like using an inanimate object," says Yelverton. "I've found that men are less comfortable with taking a dildo because they may take a fake The phallus is seen as a competition."

Ultimately, like all sex toys, it comes down to personal preference. Enjoy finding out what works for you, that's part of the fun.
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