how can I hide what i’m buying?

I’m an adult, but my dad would still see my credit card bill. And I’d rather not have that happen, lol. So I guess a shop specifically for sex toys is off the table. So my question is… how specific are bills from, say, Amazon or
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Pretty much everyone will have discreet billing and packaging. We understand that people value discretion when shopping for Adult Toys. If you are concerned, reach out the company and confirm their policy. Most do have it listed on the site as well.


Sex shops will be discrete in the billing name. I’ve purchased from a store and it comes up on the bill and receipt as Dear Rabbits. If it’s a reputable site, they should tell you what to expect in terms of billing and packaging. Stay away from a Amazon. Could be a lot of fake and unsafe toys from there.

Have fun with the toys!


Amazon is just listed as Amazon on your bill. Dear Rabbits will show what story you are buying from. If the name of the store is Dear Rabbits, that’s what will show up on your bill.


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