19 yrs old, never masturbated

Alright this is a tough one to explain but would love some advice/input/anything from anyone who knows anything or has anything helpful to say. I’m 19, in college, straight, male, for the most part socially normal guy. I have a healthy social life, I talk to girls, I’ve had a long term girlfriend, and I feel like I feel sexual attraction. I get horny, my dick gets hard sometimes, but never at the right times. I’ve never had the urge to masturbate. I’ve watched a lot of porn throughout the years, including a lot of weird stuff, just looking for anything that would idk awaken that? Everyone fucking does it. I’ve never met another dude who hasn’t, literally ever. I’ve had 2 orgasms in my entire life, both in my sleep, and was never able to maintain an erection long enough for anything to really feel good with my ex. I don’t know what to do. I’ve stopped watching porn, and it helped a little, but I and any doctor or therapist I’ve seen are at a loss. I’m terrified of the idea of never having a normal sex life, but at the same time I feel somewhat disconnected and abnormal about sex in general, like there’s some connection missing, but honestly I think it’s because I don’t know what I’m missing. I’ve never been awake for an orgasm, but I’ve never stayed hard when trying to masturbate, or had anything really feel good at all. I’m scared as fuck that it will never get better. I want to experience that, to be in a normal relationship. I never rlly thought I would post this anywhere, but I kind of wanted to see if anyone knew anything abt a situation like this.
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I (M) never did it till much later in life and I have a normal sex life with women. Don’t let it freak you out. You’ll find your way.


As vague as it sounds you just haven’t figured out yourself sexually yet. I didn’t have an orgasm till I was 20. So it’s okay to feel like this. My boyfriend had bought me a toy to help me then after that I haven’t had a “problem”


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